The Leapfrog Tag Touch Reading System

Leapfrog Tag

Reading System

The leapfrog tag reader can store up to five books in total letting you listen to stories on the move, you put the leapfrog tag reader on any part of the book and it will sound words, pictures and stories.

The tag reader is light weight and portable so your child can easily change from book to book with no cartridges to replace. The tag reading system has a camera in the tip that will read the pages aloud, giving a real story book experience.

If your child reads independently but still needs some help then they can touch individual words to hear them read aloud. Reading the in depth games help engage your child throughout the story, encouraging them to think about what they have just read.

You can also connect the leapfrog tag reader to the internet via a USB cable, allowing you see your kid’s progress by making a Leap frog learning path, they can earn online rewards as they read and play. Compare prices of the tag reader

The leapfrog tag reading system includes the tag reader, ozzie & mack story book, CD rom and USB cable.

Other leapfrog tag storybooks are available to buy separately.